March Break at the Bank of Canada Museum!


Pop in with the kids for some fun crafts and FREE family activities during the Quebec and Ontario March Breaks (March 4th to 19th 2023). 

It’s all about currency, counterfeiting and telling the difference. The Museum is open Thursday to Monday, from 10:00 to 17:00.

Learn to spot a counterfeit from an expert

Bank of Canada currency experts will help you spot a counterfeit while outlining the security features of our bank notes.

Weekend of March 11 and 12 only: We will also be joined by an RCMP Fraud Specialist.

Real or fake?

See fake currency and the real thing from around the world and throughout history. Guess which is which while we share some fascinating stories.

Design your own bank note

Your chance to choose whom you want to see on Canadian money. Invent new security features or recreate ones you’ve seen in the Museum.

Drawing with coin rubbings

Place coins under paper and gently rub a crayon across them to reveal all their details. Arrange the rubbings on magical landscapes, trees or whatever you like.

I spy Canadian symbols

Grab a magnifying glass and a checklist and head into the Museum to find Canadian symbols on bank notes old and new. Find them all to win a prize!


For more information, visit their website:

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