Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks


Pile everyone in the car! Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks is back for the 2023 edition from November 17th to January 6th 2024.



Magic of Lights is 2 kilometer drive through with nearly one million twinkling LED lights of spectacular displays and animations. This is sure to get the kids in the holiday spirit!

This spectacular display features snowmen, elves, horses, hockey players, Santa Claus and so much more! There is also a 200 foot light tunnel as the finale!

Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks

Magic of Lights is open from November 17th, 2023 to January 6th 2024 from 5 to 10pm nightly

The cost varies from 17$ to 30$ depending on the date and the day of the week. 

Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks

For more information or to book your ticket online, Magic of Lights official website.

3 thoughts on “Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks”

  1. We went with our kids, but didn’t get to see the show because of the ridiculously long wait time before getting to the light show. Once we got there, we were sent inside an elaborate queue of cars. At first, it looks like it won’t take a lot of time, because of the way the traffic is redirected.
    Additionally, at the entrance, the employees do not warn anyone about the amount of wait time that’s ahead of you. So you wait and wait, and at some point, you get to another employee; then you ask “how much longer”, but the answer is “I don’t know”. After 1 hour and 15 minutes, we got to a 3rd employee; same question and same answer (i.e. “I don’t know”). Luckily, there was a way out after 1 hour and 20 minutes. No way out before that. One of my kids almost pee’d himself; no toilet and no portapotty along the way…

    Not impressed with the organization, nor the customer service.

  2. Should replace the burnt out/broken light bulbs at Magic of Lights on Ottawa … cant clearly make out what we should be seeing.

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