Pirate Adventures in Ottawa


Pirate Adventures in Ottawa is a 75 minute interactive pirate-theatre cruise on a real pirate ship!

Pirate Adventures Ottawa
Pirate Adventures Ottawa

Kids and adults receive a new pirate name, dress up in pirate gear & face painting tattoos and then hop aboard the pirate ship for the adventure.

Pirate Adventures Ottawa

Activities during the 75 minute cruise include:

  • discovering the treasure map
  • solving the maps secrets & mysteries
  • defending the ship with our water cannons against the evil “Pirate Pete”
  • making “Pirate Pete” walk the plank
  • hauling the loot aboard
  • sharing the booty
  • singing a sea shanty, with a wee bit of grog
  • and generally living the adventure of a pirate for a moment of time
Pirate Adventures Ottawa
Pirate Adventures Ottawa

The pirate ship will start sailing at the end of May and sets sail at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm & 4pm. It is highly recommended to make reservations ahead of time as sailing times can vary depending on interest. You can make reservations either by phone at 613.859.5199 or by email brock@pirateadventuresottawa.com.

Pirate Adventures Ottawa
Pirate Adventures Ottawa

The cost is:

  • 24.95$ plus tax per person
  • 22.95$ plus tax per person for groups of 10 or more
  • 12.95$ plus tax per child 2 and under

This is perfect activity for families with kids between 2 and 12.

Pirate Adventures is also a great place to celebrate your childs’ birthday party!


For for information or reservations, the Pirate Adventures website.

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