10 Fun Activities To Do At Home With Kids


1/ Have Glow in the Dark Bath

It’s a fun, easy and cheap activity for the kids.

2/ Build a fort in your living room

Grab a few chairs for the frame, a few sheets blankets or sheets, and some pillows. Place the chairs in 2 rows with the backs facing inward. And then, drape the blankets or sheets over the chairs to create the walls and ceiling.

3/ Have a Lego Challenge

Source: Unknown

4/ Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt Indoor

Source: Unknown

5/ Make Bracelets

Make bracelets with your phone number to teach your kids how to count and learn their phone numbers. A fun and educational craft!

6/ Have a Science Experiment

Here’s a great link that will allow you to try 15 very simple science experiences

7/ Make delicious S’MORES

They are easy and fun to make and you can bake them in the OVEN. And after why not eat them in the fort they built 😉

8/ Make a Craft

Check out all of the fun and easy crafts that are at AWESOMELY CRAFTY.

Make crafts for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even more!

9/ Have a Daily Baking Activity

Check out these 19 Super Awesome Cupcakes Every Kid Will Want to Make

10/ Have a Toilet Paper Roll Bowling Game

Photo courtesy: Primrose Schools

This DIY toilet paper roll bowling game is the perfect way to keep little ones active inside while also engaging their creativity! Check out the instructions at Primrose School.

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