Summer Essentials from Decathlon


Summer has arrived and kids are finally enjoying the amazing weather we’ve been having in the nation’s capital!

Here are some Decathlon products that your kids are sure to love during these summers months!

Backyard Fun

Install this turnball set outdoors and have fun playing speedball with the family. Hours of fun garanteed!

Set up this badminton set in just 3 minutes in your backyard and have a game of badminton with the family. It’s very compact and easily stored in a closet and can easily be brought along on a camping trip!

If you don’t have enough room for a ping pong table but have a picnic table or even a folding table stored in your basement. This ping pong roll net is amazing and allows to play on any table indoors or outdoors!

Nothing says summer fun better than a game of petanque!

Swimwear and Water Fun

Decathlon has everything you need for water fun this summer! From their high quality goggles to pools toys, floaters to learn how to swim and in style swimwear, you’ll be ready for those precious pool days!

Progressive Swimming Armband-Waistband

Pool fun Water Course Set

UV Protection Swimwear for babies and children


Rollerblades are a must in the summer especially for those little hockey players! Decathlon has several varieties as well as all the protection equipment needed to keep kids safe!

Fit 3 sizes rollerblades

Inline skate protectors

Bikes & Scooters

Decathlon has a great selection of high quality bikes, balance bikes and scooters for children of all ages.

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