Virtual Summer Activities at Odyssey Theatre


Finding something that is safe yet engaging and fun for kids to do is on the mind of all parents at this time of the year. Odyssey is launching new online youth programming to help kids beat boredom by stepping into new worlds and stretching their creative muscles.

As part of our digital theatre series – A Virtual Odyssey, there will be two arts and crafts workshops, as well as an online version of our popular Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Mask and Puppet Making workshops (July)

  • Explore the world of Aesop’s fable – The Ant and the Grasshopper by making insect marionettes (for ages 5 – 7 + a parent).
  • Become a mythical beast from Greek Mythology by making a Cyclops, Medusa or Minotaur 3D mask (ages 8 -12 + a parent).
  • Both workshops are led by Odyssey’s professional mask and puppet creator, Clelia Scala.

Youth Apprenticeship Program (August)

  • 12 workshops with professional actors, directors, and designers for theatre enthusiasts ages 15-19
  • Facilitated by award-winning Ottawa theatre artist Eleanor Crowder, with guest sessions lead by other Odyssey artists.

For more information or to register for a workshop, Odyssey Theatre’s website.

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