River Oak Skating Trails


Come enjoy the great outdoors with the family and experience the best winter has to offer by skating on an enchanting 2.6km long trail through orchards, meadows and forests!

River Oak Staking Trail

Skate or walk on the 2.6km trail through the orchards, bring your hockey stick and work on your handling, come inside and have a hot chocolate to warm up or take a break and checkout the cozy heritage barn.

The River Oak Skating Trail is conveniently located in Metcalfe just 30 minutes from downtown, Orleans & Barrhaven.

Cost is 16$ per person (+HST), 12$ for youth & seniors (+HST) and FREE for children 5 & under.

River Oak Skating Trail


  • Monday: 4PM-8PM

  • Tuesday: 10AM-4PM

  • Wednesday: 4PM-8PM

  • Thursday: 10AM-4PM

  • Friday: 4PM-10PM

  • Saturday: 10AM-10PM

  • Sunday: 10AM-4PM

If you are skating in the evening, it is recommended to bring a head lamp as the trail is only partially lit.

For updates on ice condition, follow River Oak skating trail on Facebook

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