Kid Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks


Here are some great pranks to prank your kids on April Fools’ Day!

1/ Drop a bit of “milk” on their Iphone, Ipod or Laptop

Find the tutorial to make fake milk splatter with glue and soap at

2/ Stick Googly Eyes on the food in your fridge

Photo Credit: Imgur

3/ Bake your kids a pan of Brownies!

Find the tutorial at Organized 321

4/ Cover the TV remote sensor with a piece of tape

Photo Courtesy: Awesomely Crafty

5/ Add a few drops of food coloring into the bottom of a bowl, cover it with cereal and let your kids pour the milk. When they do the milk will change color!

Photo Courtesy:

6/ Give your kid a Jell-O Juice and watch them try to drink it!

Photo Courtesy: Honey and Lime

See the instructions at Honey and Lime

7/ When your kids are sleeping, switch them into each other’s bed! Would love to see my son wake up in his sister’s Frozen 2 bed!!

8/ Plant donut seeds!

Photo Courtesy: Mama Cheaps

Find the tutorial and free printable tags at Mama Cheaps

9/ Replace Cheetos with carrots and give it to them for their snack!

Photo Courtesy of 2 plus 2 mom

See tutorial at 2 Plus 2 Mom

10/ Frozen Breakfast. Put cereal and milk in a bowl and then in the freezer overnight. Your child will be surprise when they try to eat it in the morning!

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Mom

See instructions on Alpha Mom website

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