Nordik Spa-Nature

Photo credit: Nordik Photolux

With summer break here, it’s a perfect time to think about yourself, take a day off to unwind and relax! Nordik Spa-Nature is the perfect place to do so!  Located in Chelsea at the entrance of Gatineau Park, barely 15 minutes away from downtown Ottawa, Nordik Spa-Nature is a haven that features relaxation techniques from the Nordic countries. The spa features 10 baths (hot, cold and temperate), seven saunas, two steam rooms, an infinity pool overlooking Ottawa and Gatineau Park, a lounge, restaurant and relaxation areas.

The Kalla Treatment is also unique to Nordik Spa Nature as it not offered in any other spas in North America. The Kalla Treatment involves meditatively floating in an underground, saltwater pool that offers therapeutic properties similar to those found in the Dead Sea. 

Photo credit: Nordik Photolux

Ottawa Kids is proud to partner with Nordik Spa–Nature to offer you this unique experience.

Enter our Facebook contest and you could win: Access to thermal experience, the Källa Treatment ( Epsom salt floating pool) and rental bathrobe, for 2 people

Participants must be age 16 and over. Valid for 1 year

9 thoughts on “Nordik Spa-Nature”

  1. I am grateful for this package if its offered to me. Being a mom of 2 and struggling financially I have never been to Nordik I wouldn’t be able to afford this on my own. Who ever gets this package I hope they enjoy if that person isn’t me. Have a wonderful day.

  2. My girlfriend and I go every year to Nordik! We absolutely love tanning beside the panorama pool and sitting by the fires at night together <3

  3. PLEASE pick me!!! I am in a huge need of a day at Nordique!!!! I work very hard and home life also keeps me so busy! I would be forever grateful if I was chosen as the lucky winner.

  4. If I were to win this I would give it to my daughter. She is the mother of 7 children, most of them
    were adopted through the foster program. Her and her husband have spent the last 16 years raising them and I know she needs a break like this.

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