Free Apple Camp Workshops


Do you have a tech savy child? Then these Free Apple Camp Workshops are perfect for them.

These workshops are offered in Apple Retail stores in the Ottawa area, therefore either Rideau Mall downtown or Bayshore Shopping Center in the West End. They are intended for children between the ages of 8 and 12 and are offered in English only.

Free Apple Camp Workshops
Free Apple Camp Workshops

This summer Apple is offering 4 workshops:

  • Designing your Dream Park where ages 8 to 12 will learn design skills to imagine a park for their community. They’ll go on a short walk to gather inspiration and take photos of materials, colours and textures.
  • Creating your Own Song with GarageBand where children 8 to 12 will discover how to create beats and build their own songs using GarageBand on iPad.
  • Coding Fundamentals and Programming Robots where children age 8 to 12 will explore fun ways to learn how to code Sphero robots. They’ll start with coding fundamentals like commands, loops and functions, then use blocks of code to create a program using the Sphero Edu app for iPad.
  • Directing Your Own Movie with Clips and iMovie where children age 8 to 12 will discover how to create fun video footage using iPad. They’ll start with fundamentals of moviemaking like experimenting with camera shots in the Clips app and drawing ideas on storyboards in Keynote

The workshop is offered over 3 days and lasts 90 minutes each day. Registration is necessary and space limited.

To register or for more information, Apple website.

8 thoughts on “Free Apple Camp Workshops”

  1. Wonderful opportuniy.But are there workshops in August since some children go to summer schools and are nt able to join in July?
    Thank you

  2. I am interested in these camps but for August only in the Ottawa area, can you please add me to the summer camps email correspondence as I will sign him up next year, but can you make it searchable by location? ie..Ottawa, can you add August camps for summer 2020?

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