Top 5 Splashpads in Ottawa


With this heat, it’s a great idea to go cool off at a local splashpad! Here are the top 5 splashpads in Ottawa.

Brewer Park Splashpad in Ottawa

Brewer Park Splashpad is by far one of the best park in the city! The splash pads has tons of water fountains, water jets and buckets and the best part is that it’s on 2 levels that are connected by a water slide!! This splashpad is sure to be a hit with the kids!

If your kids need a break from the splashpad, there are tons of play structures close by as well as several gazebos with tables for picnics. There are also public washroom facilities close by with a water fountain to stay hydrated.

Brewer Park Splashpad
Brewer Park Splashpad

Celebration Park Splashpad in Ottawa

Celebration Park Splashpad is a perfect splashpad for families with young children located in a large park. The splashpad is very spacious and features a spraying post, a spray loop, and a tall post with a bucket and a flower that splash water down on you. There is a gazebo right besides the splashpad so you can be in the shade while keeping an eye on your little ones.

The park itself has 2 play structures close to the splash pad.

Millenium Park Splashpad in Orleans

Millenium Park Splashpad was recently inaugurated. It is the best splashpad in the East end of the city. This pirate themed splashpad features a pirate tipping bucket, a dragon spray and tons of jets and fountains to keep cool. There is also a gazebo right beside the splashpad which is perfect to take a break from the sun!

The park itself features two awesome play structures that will amaze kids, a pirate ship and a “castle” which is really a replica of the Parliament buildings.

millenium splashpad
Millenium Park Splashpad

Walter Baker Park Splashpad in Kanata

Walter Baker Park Splashpad is a fun splashpad located in a beautiful park! It features a water cannon, a tall dome and four fountain sprays for your kids to stay cool during hot weather.

The park also has two play structures, an awesome hill to climb and a beautiful pond to explore if you need a break from the splash pad. The park also has plenty of shade as well as picnic tables.

Lansdowne Park Water Plaza in Ottawa

Lansdowne Park Water Plaza was inaugurated in the summer 2015 and features a piece of art called Uplift made in granite as well as 55 arcing water jets that spout intermittently and in patterned sequences, keeping people guessing about who will get wet next. There is also a very shallow water basin to cool off your feet.

The water plaza is located on the East side of the Great Lawn that is a huge green space great for family picnics. You will also find play structures as well as basketball courts close by.

Lansdowne Water Plaza
Lansdowne Park Water Plaza

Do you have any other splashpads that you love to go to? Join the conversation in the comment section below.

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Splashpads in Ottawa”

  1. The splash pad at Robert Simpson Park in Arnprior is fantastic – not only is it a great splash pad on its own right, but it’s next to a beach so it’s the best of both worlds. The park is a real gem, not far from Ottawa!

    1. Riverside Park in Carleton Place is also an excellent choice. It is also adjacent to a small beach, plenty of shade and a food truck.

  2. Don’t know if you were paid to promote the Landsdowne splash pad but it’s really only good for toddlers. The shallow basin is off limits unless they’ve changed the rules but last year there was even a hired security guard to keep people out of the basin. Very disappointing if you’re looking for a splash pad for children over about 2.

  3. Landsdowne should not be listed as a splash pad! It’s more like a 20 foot low sprinkler kids can run thru. That’s its. The attracting part of the structure is actually OFF LIMITS and dangerous . Hrs it is slippery snd sharp edges. It’s an overpriced art piece with water. I mistakenly thought like other parents it was part of a a splash pad at my one and only visit there last year and though it was dangerous and inappropriate for children. Ending up telling her let’s go…

    They install this thing near the children’s park and the water sprinkler then HIRE security to keep kids off. How ridiculous is this. Close it off and save the taxpayers money. No thought was put into this !

  4. I’m surprised the splash pad in Findlay creek didn’t make the top 5, it’s a fantastic one, and by far one of the best.

  5. I’m glad Kanata’s made the list, but I agree with the previous post mentioning the one in Arnprior. It’s next-to-none stellar.

  6. Queens wood Heights has a great splash pad. Not super huge, but lots of shade with two playgrounds, and basketball nets! Corner of Duford St and Amiens!

  7. Fisher Park off of Harmer Ave in Westboro has lots of shade and a nice park, as well as a large field. The splash pad has sprayers that are good for both young and older kids.

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